Samson Adler, Esq.

As a New York Business Attorney, I bring a can-do attitude to every engagement, and I focus on the overall business objectives. I am committed to your long-term success.

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My name is Samson Adler and I am a New York Business Lawyer. I have many other titles too: I am a husband, father of four, brother of 11, landlord, friend, counselor and associate. In other words, I have been around the block.

Personally, I have a strong sense of compassion for people and a genuine interest in their endeavors. Professionally, I constantly focus on the well-being of my clients and on building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

After immigrating to New York from England in 2000, I began my career as a loan officer and later opened my own Mortgage Brokerage. In that role, I loved helping families achieve their homeownership dreams, and assisting investors in attaining their long-term business goals.

Pursuing a legal career after a decade in the workforce was rather challenging. However, I quickly realized that my previous business and life experiences gave me a better understanding of the many legal implications of the law and how the law is actually applied.

Working as a New York Business Attorney allows me to combine my passion for law, my delight for business, and my compassion for people. I believe that a well-drafted written agreement fosters collaboration, and ultimately offers a “win-win” that serves in the best interests of all parties.

I am focused, committed and dedicated to the long-term success of every client. Please reach out to me for prudent legal advice, or just to say hello and reconnect. I am a zealous lawyer by profession, but a friendly connector by passion!


BLS Public Service Award.
NYS Access to Justice 2015 & 2016 Awards.


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Contracts and Real Estate Law
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NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker